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Translation Services

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By combining experienced language professionals, expert project managers, and the latest technology with our documented quality control processes we guarantee world class translations to our clients. Translate your personal or corporate documents into any language.

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Our typesetting experts visually evaluate each document to ensure it is culturally accurate and acceptable. Whether your project involves something as simple as accent marks in Spanish or complex as Chinese characters, our typesetters can prepare your documents in the format you need.

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Immigration Services

Bel Air Translations Sample

Bel Air Translations offers certified and notarized document translation services for Immigration (USCIS), courts, foreign governments and Educational Institutions. We translate every document in accordance with the United States regulation, and by a professional translator. We include your translation on our company letterhead plus Certification and Notary seal.


We ensure 100% guaranteed acceptance by U.S Immigration

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Birth Certificates
Marriage Certificates
Divorce Documents
Wills & Affidavits
Academic Degrees and Diplomas
School Transcripts
Police Reports
Official Government Contracts

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